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When I first started Winerybound, I envisioned a company that could bring extensive data analysis into a passport program that would "place the power of the passport- back into the hands of the winery."

My journey began researching passport programs, I met with winemakers while traveling in my vintage airstream. I covered over 500 miles and was in 8 different AVA's. My goal was to learn about the varoety of passport programs offered, thier effectiveness, and other ways to bring in traffic to wineries directly for on-site sales.

When meeting with winemakers and owners, I was shocked to learn that the response I received around passport initiatives were not positive.Some of the responses I heard were as follows:

  • We are not interested in a passport program-thanks.
  • Please do not do another passport program.
  • We cannot see how effective passport programs are for our Winery.
  • Free tastings lead to liability issues.
  • We find influencers do a better job of marketing wines and promotions.

Unfortunately, passport programs are equivalent to a lot of bad experiences for wineries. While tourists love them, wineries deal with many pain points — with the most significant concern being guests without any intent to make a purchase and the liabilities that occur while traveling and tasting at wineries.

One research participant said it best:

"Unfortunately, we lose the client's intellect due to giving them free samples, bypassing an authentic wine tasting experience, for a non-purchased preview. And it's unfortunate that as an industry, we have lost our way with the quick and easy pour to garner a sale when a paid glass of wine has such a great story to tell. "

Mapping Human Behavior to Wines Sales and Tourism

There are so many ways to purchase wine while touring with a passport application. Each passport is different.

I learned that most people purchase a passport program, get their booklet, and add their stamps to a non-digitized passport. Or, if a digitized passport is available, it doesn't offer a robust experience.

The chaos of the various passport solutions across the United States is exhausting.

As individuals jump from place to place, they taste many different wines and consistently blend varietals and experiences. Siloed experiences (different apps, other data) cancel the ability to see the whole picture.

Plus, due to variances in data discovery on multiple apps, no solution provides national trends in statistical data that could be returned to the wineries to glean information to enhance their sales potential on-site and off.

So, passport programs naturally get a bad rap.

A return to big data and the creation of proprietary DTC algorythms

Utilizing my background in creating executive data dashboards for fortune 500 companies, I have brought those solutions to wineries with large production models, down to the small-lot hobbyist just entering the community.

For me, I wanted to consolidate, calculate, and analyze DTC wine offer trends. I wanted to see the big picture across the United States. This was how Winerybound was born.

I wanted to solve these problems, improve the outcomes, and assist marginalized wineries with research-driven data, that provides easy solutions for better DTC sales results.

What makes Winerybound Different

Our winery dashboards offer conversions and social share calculations; we can also dial into favorite wineries, regions, varietals, and offers.

Our tourism dashboards provide automated offers for favorited wineries, savings calculations, and visited wineries nationally. Our VIP subscription members can easily view social shares for winery support, and win great prizes for sharing. Everyone is an influencer these days; you might as well get a prize for it.

It's a robust system (that took us over 3 years to complete) with a great data engine allowing us, as a business, to look more deeply into what's happening in the winery tourism sales market-nationally.

Looking forward

There are so many ways that technology can assess the wine industry, and it's a fascinating time indeed.

We look forward to sharing our first case study, which was completed over the 2021 year of COVID-19.

We are also thrilled to announce the expansion of Winerybound, with our innovator lab and event space - 777 Ranch.

At Winerybound we are passionate about supporting wineries and small.

Join us, become Winerybound.

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