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More features. More savings. Winerybound VIP membership is only $75 annually.

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Discover more experiences for wine tours

Our members recieve offers available only through VIP access to our partner program. Saved offers redeemed onsite when membership is shown and the visit has been checked in. Your dashboard veiw keeps track of all redeemed offers on Winerybound.

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Access to Discount codes for online wine sales

As direct to consumer (DTC) wine shipping laws change nationally, you will be able to discover more wines to try. Winerybound VIP members get access to coupon codes that drive online purchases locally and nationally. To learn more about direct shipment laws please visit to learn more.

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Events and Free Tastings at Partner Wineries

Winerybound VIP members get additional services and premium treatment at partner wineries that opt into the wine pass program.

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Connect with more wineries and wine offerings

We offer a frictionless experience across devices to assist in purchasing direct from Wineries
  • Expand your knowledge and wine palate

    Learn about wineries across the United States while exploring offerings available online and via on-site check-in

  • More opportunities to connect and explore

    Winerybound allows access to additional wine adventures and activities available through VIP membership.

  • Purchase Direct in various timelines

    Save offers to your dashboard for advanced purchases, make purchases instantly online (when direct shipment laws permit), and make purchases based upon personal preferences

  • Catalog favorites, check-in, and online coupon codes

    As a VIP member you can catalog your various offerings ensuring your favorite choices are always available while touring to make purchases.

  • Stay Connected with your favorite wineries to access new and changing offers

    Winerybound supports and ever-changing variety of experiences and offers through our partner program available to VIP members.

  • Further Support Wineries and Share experiences

    Winerybound members can further promote and support wineries by sharing experiences via thier facebook and twitter accounts

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